Tris Cherry + Peach + Raspberry

Confection of 3x320 g

Our Extra Jams are produced using only first choice fruit, sugar and a lot of love for good things. Adequate cooking at a controlled temperature keeps the structure of the fruit more compact and tasty. The procedure with which these products are obtained is the one used in ancient times by Tuscan housewives.

INGREDIENTS CHERRIES: Cherries 70%, cane sugar, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice. PEACHES: Peaches 68%, cane sugar, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice. RASPBERRIES: Raspberries 70%, cane sugar, gelling agent: Pectin, lemon juice.
Jar made of glass
• TMC 36 month


In case of breakage of the jars or damage and unauthorized opening of the delivered package, but also anomalies in the delivery of the products, the customer is requested to report the findings to the Courier. Collect the products “with reserve” by signing the appropriate form and communicate everything to the Company also documenting with photos by sending an email to In this way you will get a refund or a new shipment of the damaged products.

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